The Write to Heal Abuse Anthology: Getting Free

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Real women tell real stories about what it was like to live with abuse and what it could be like to live without it. Imagine a future without violence at home and understand the personal cost of living with it. Herein lies the motivation to move on. Thought provoking, and inspiring these creative non-fiction stories demonstrate the beauty of the human spirit when women answer the call to go beyond subjugation and reach for a new way of living. This is one of the only collections of stories and poetry written by ordinary American women, who have chosen to take the vast emotions domestic violence leaves behind and channel them into the oldest art form: story. The book includes a group reading guide for discussion in therapy groups or in women's studies programs and a brief guide to starting your own women's circle. The questions in the group reading guide also serve as writing prompts for creating a journal that deconstructs the red flags, and lays bare the denial that often augments the fear of ending abusive relationships. The stories in this book convey hard-to-find understanding about what it takes to transition to safety and how to take pain and use creativity to move into a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with life.