The Feldenkrais Creativity Workshop for Writers: Topic #1 Find YOUR Ideal Process

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Discover your optimal process for entering into the mind of your story.  To ready yourself, read “The Craft of Writing, by William Sloane in advance. Experimenting with your process is a way to open yourself up to new possibilities," writes Grant Faulkner of NaNoWriMo. If writing is about generating the atmosphere of a specific time and place, how enter the atmosphere of YOUR story? In this workshop, first engage in a short movement lesson that frees you of tension, which blocks creativity, and then move into clarity about what works for YOU in your writing. For every writer this is different. In this workshop, we focus on the aspect of craft that allows you to intentionally enter into the process of writing YOUR story until the momentum it gains cannot be ignored. Discover new resources to keep your writing active and vibrant long after the ink on the page of this moment has dried…

Calm the body, and you free the mind. Learn how to access a deeper place to write from while at the same time addressing aspects of the Craft of Writing Fiction.

For novelists, short story writers, or anyone interested in jump starting their creative juices. "Experimenting with your process is a way to open yourself up to new possibilities," writes Grant Faulkner of NaNoWriMo, the month-long marathon of writing a novel in one go. 

The medium for this transformative process that allows you to access your own creativity is the FELDENKRAIS© Method, which teaches you to release your tension in readiness for the creative process. It empties the mind as it helps you rediscover the path of least resistance first literally, then figuratively. The format of the workshop is an ebb and flow of warm up lessons that release tension and mental worry, followed by opportunities to write from a deeper place. This reconnection with self gives you access to impulses you cannot quite nail down in the hustle and bustle of the everyday living.

A new and innovative use of FELDENKRAIS takes advantage of additional benefits: the cultivation of calm, focus and inspiration! Develop a reliable, steady connection with inspiration by adding a practice of Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement to your writing routine. The only thing you have to lose is the sense of struggle!


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Tickets: $30 at the door - For last minute tickets at the door, please RSVP via text to (541) 777-0124 beforehand to make sure there is space in the room. Thank you in advance! It helps with the room reservation.

Sat., June 1, 2019, 2-5 pm Your Life Matters, 235 W. Main St. Jacksonville OR

The Spring Semester of Feldenkrais Creativity Workshops for Fiction Writers 2019 is the initial launch of the series. Very well received so far, prices will rise for the Summer and Fall Series, so get in on the ground floor while the workshops are intimate, and the price is exceptional for the value you get from participation. This is the last one to be offered at this great discount!

Feedback from Past Participants:

"I really enjoyed combining movement with writing. I think it's a great idea! This workshop really got me thinking about voice and perspective."- K. (Topic #2 February 2019)

"I really liked the format of the class. It felt organic and right on. The handout was great, full of examples and styles. I really like the movement and then writing after. I think it brought out a deepness in my writing. Also, the Feldenkrais Method is amazing. I feel IN my body and very expanded in thought. I also feel more balanced." - C. (Topic #2 February 2019)

“I loved this workshop! The first was great but somehow this one was even better! The topic of this workshop (The Narrative Process) was fabulous and the examples really helped make it clear. I also really enjoyed the discussions that come out of the workshop!” – K. (Topic #3 March 2019)

“I loved the workshop. Having the movement was very interesting. I feel I started my free writing in a different place than I would have. I also loved finding out about resources in the area and the instructor’s recommendations.”  - S. (Topic #3 March 2019)