iRest in the Yoga of Love - Emotional Process - MP3 Download

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As women, we have been conditioned to be of service relentlessly. This inevitably leads to an imbalance, to being overextended, spread too thin, and eventually to burn out, unable to give anything more. To return to a balanced relationship with Love, we must be able to feed our souls before we give to others. This is what the iRest process can restore in you if you take the time to BE with yourself in a meditative state, with the attention on the heart. Love is a rejuvenating energy that heals. Traditionally, the Yoga of Love, known as Bakhti Yoga, is focused on devotion and service, but to get back to a place where we can do that without getting sucked into egoic attachments, or the shadow aspects of excess yearning and desire for oneness, we have to nurture the Yoga of Love from the stance of Cosmic Harmony. This enables you to access the self love that is the foundation of all balanced giving. Recorded outside, credit must be given to the Browns Valley, California choir of birds who provided subtle, but soothing, accompaniment! This 30 minute guided process provides a skill set that will serve you for life. MP3 digital download for immediate use.