Feldenkrais for People - Private Session - Functional Integration

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Functional Integration is a hands-on private Feldenkrais session. An FI with Gabrielle is a chance to expand your consciousness of how to ground yourself in the safety of the physical body and find it pleasurable once again. It's a lesson in relinquishing the excessive tension caused by any kind of trauma. The stress of living in tension takes it's toll by reducing your energy levels. An FI is a hands-on lesson using touch and movement which augments your felt relationship with gravity, improves your bio-mechanics, provides new movement options, and reduces stress on joints and muscles. As a result of this new awareness, it improves your capacity for finding ease in general across all levels of perception. Some of it may be done in standing, sitting, or lying on a low table, depending on the issues which the client brings up as a request for improvement. Be thinking about what you would like to do more easily in life and bring that request to the Functional Integration lesson (FI). The foundation of the method is that it provides an environment in which learning how to learn becomes self-evident, so that resilience, based on being able to easily adapt, becomes your default response to life.

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