Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Class (ATM)

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Awareness Through Movement, affectionately known by those who love the Method as 'ATM,' is a class: a private or semi-private lesson in how to use Feldenkrais for your own learning and comfort.

The bottom line is that you can't always go to a professional when you are in pain at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. ATM is a DIY approach to feeling free in your body, releasing unconscious tension and using the leverage of basic physics to improve your skillfulness. This translates to learning a sport more easily, playing an instrument with greater presence, dancing with more grace and acting with a much more refined ability for nuance. It is a neurological approach to improving how you learn. It is beneficial for both injury prevention and will get you back in the game much faster if you are stuck in that no-man's-land between physical therapy and an actual return to whatever it is you love to do to stay active.

Gabrielle can teach you to work with yourself. This freedom gives you the ability to ground yourself in the physical body. You learn to find the innate knowledge within you of how to move with greater ease within the field of gravity. 

These lessons help you discover how to release excessive tension yourself, including patterns caused by any kind of previous injury or trauma. The stress of living in tension takes its toll by reducing your energy levels.

Learn to reduce stress on joints and muscles. As a result of this new awareness, you improve your capacity to find joy, to be present, to be creative and fulfilled. Why? Because the more refined your ability to sense comfort, the more this new awareness informs your habits, your capacity to enjoy small pleasures and your ability to learn.

Learning, like training, requires downtime for processing. Integration of new ways of relating to your own comfort and to gravity requires processing time. Clearly, our culture does not value downtime. It only values striving. This, however, goes agains everything known in neurology about learning. Take time out for yourself. Your quality of life will improve immeasurably.


Lessons last about 90 minutes. Please schedule you time so you can move slowly without rushing before and after. Starting on time is important because lessons have a beginning, a middle and an end. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended, as well as having no obligations after the lesson. This enables you to get the most out of this investment in your own wellbeing.

If this is a last minute decision, an RSVP via text to 541 777-0124 is appreciated. 


While private Feldenkrais sessions are at the office, public Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Classes are held at the Yoga Studio inside Jefferson Farm Kitchen, 135 S Oregon St., Jacksonville, OR.


Newcomers: $15/2 classes for the price of one. ENTER Promo Code: ATM241

$15/class - Drop In.

$50/month for four classes.

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Free Classes for Those Who Qualify:

Your L.I.F.E. Matters specializes in providing Resources for Trauma Recovery and Resilience. Because Gabrielle Pullen, the practitioner, has special training in working with people with PTSD of any kind as a body worker and educator, weekly ATM classes are free for specific populations.


-for Veterans and their family members.

-for Women within a year of exiting a DV safe house.

-for long-term care-givers with a fatally ill relative at home.

A commitment of one month of consistent practice is required to see substantial results after the first free trial class. Please RSVP 541 777-0124.


Drop-ins are welcome, however, a commitment to long-term attendance is preferred. ATM is a lifestyle change that works at the level of reconstructing unconscious habits to transform them into ones that support you, ground you and help restore a sense of value and normalcy after trauma of any kind. Therefor, if you really wish to feel better, significant changes take 30-90 days. Make a commitment to yourself to get the most out of this generous offer.