Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement Lesson (ATM)

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Awareness Through Movement, affectionately known by those who love the Method as ATM, is a class: a private or semi-private lesson in how to use Feldenkrais for your own learning and comfort.

The bottom line is that a practitioner will not always be there to help you when you are in pain at 4:00 a.m.

Gabrielle can teach you to work with yourself. This freedom gives you the ability to ground yourself in the physical body. You learn to find the innate knowledge within you of how to move with greater ease within the field of gravity. 

These lessons help you discover how to release excessive tension yourself, including patterns caused by any kind of previous injury or trauma. The stress of living in tension takes it's toll by reducing your energy levels.

Learn to reduce stress on joints and muscles. As a result of this new awareness, you improve your capacity to find joy, to be present, to be creative and fulfilled. Why? Because the more refined your ability to sense comfort, the more this new awareness informs your habits, your capacity to enjoy small pleasures and your ability to learn.

This works across all levels of perception. Be thinking about what you would like to do more easily in life, be it for the improvement of athletic performance or to address a specific physical limitation. The foundation of the method is that it provides an environment in which learning how to learn becomes self-evident, so that resilience, based on being able to easily adapt, becomes your default response to life.

   RIDERS: Book a lesson for yourself AND your horse. You will be amazed at the way you move together when you are both floating on the same wavelength!