Emotional Processing One-on-One Training

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          Ultimately, emotional processing is about freedom. Most people seek help with it for the very practical reason that it allows you to live a more functional life. Clearing offers the opportunity to improve your life's circumstances as dysfunctional thinking and behavior is peeled away to reveal the integrated, authentic self. How much clearing you choose to do and in what direction is entirely up to you based on the level of commitment you bring to the process. The mini-awakenings you experience along the way generate a flow of light that allows for greater success in the material world. Greater creative flow, and an inspired, energized, impeccable life experience is made accessible as the veils of egoic attachment to one extreme or the other gradually fade away. Highly successful careers can evolve as a side-benefit, not from a driven ego need to perform, but out of relinquishing old patterns.          

          The attempt to  force, or use power over, or to be excessively goal-oriented is how we've been brainwashed to perform. But its a relic of patriarchal conditioning. The new, more inclusive way to tap into feminine power and leadership embraces consideration, flow and the ability to tune into the delicate guidance of inner wisdom. Women suffer from a variety of blocks to the flow of freedom provided by a steady, reliable income because ne of the primary means of maintaining power over. This is a huge part of the legacy of patriarchy that affects everyone adversely. As people learn how to use emotional processing to clear their own patterns, they often find they begin to succeed in whatever they apply themselves to.

Sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype. To schedule your session, click through to view available appointments on the Schedule Appointments tab of the website.

"Processing is a unique way of letting go...of melting away the old...a way of seeing into the unconscious, which helps us to let go of imbalances in the mind." -Leslie Temple-Thurston