Craft of Writing

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This writer’s guide is packed full of insightful lessons on writing well. Gleaned from years of teaching writing workshops and crafting his own stories, Christopher Hawke teaches these lessons in a clear and concise way. While a fan of The Elements of Style and Chicago Manual of Style, this book is geared more toward the heart of writing—what makes a story really work and why.

Touted as “The most comprehensive class on the market today…entertaining and inspiring…” by V. S. Alexander, and designed especially for the busy writer, these lessons require no more than 10 minutes a day and will change your writing life.
Community Authors cofounder and award-winning author Christopher Hawke walks you through both beginner and advanced lessons.

This book is based upon an award-winning video series entitled, Craft of Writing, by Christopher Hawke.
To learn even more, with the help of visual examples and additional writing lessons, go to and buy the entire series.
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