Equine Full Hour Session & Assessment

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Horses, too, benefit from a lesson in relinquishing excessive tension. Feldenkrais offers a form of neuromuscular re-education that offers improved bio-mechanics, less wear-and-tear on the joints and more functional ways of carrying the live weight of a rider. Additional benefits include better proprioception, better peripheral vision, a more relaxed self-carriage and a safer, more grounded horse. New or restored movement options reduce stress on joints and muscles. New awareness, improves the capacity for finding ease. This service encompasses a full hour session with assessment.

Call 541 550-0071 for a free evaluation. Medford & surrounding areas. $40 barn fee if over 15 miles away. $90/full hour session.


Upcoming Series Options & Workshops for Riders. Watch for Workshop: Thinking in 3D Through Movement. Warm-ups that train your brain for optimal mobility while teaching you what self-carriage feels like and why it’s important for your horse...

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