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Equine One 30 Min. Session

As with any kind of rehabilitation or physical therapy intervention, sometimes it's just better to have shorter sessions more frequently. Some of the stress of showing is better dealt with on an on-going basis than with a full session once in a while. A number of chronic issues respond well to shorter, more frequent sessions.

Pelvic Shear, for example, is a common problem in horses from hitting a door as they enter a trailer, or from the exaggeration of existing asymmetry due to falls or being kicked or torqued in some way. Adjustments are better made in shorter increments a few times a week for this sort of improvement to hold. This service encompasses one 30 minute session.

Additional travel charges may apply if the horse is stabled outside Woodinville/Bothell area. If the horse is at Five C Farms that can be accommodated almost daily if a recent injury requires it. If travel time is required, it adds $20 if the distance is more than ten miles radius.

Call 530 263-3323 for a free evaluation. Woodinville, Washington & surrounding areas. $40 barn fee if over 40 miles away. $75/full hour session.



Upcoming Series Options & Workshops for Riders. Watch for Workshop: Thinking in 3D Through Movement. Warm-ups that train your brain for optimal mobility while teaching you what self-carriage feels like and why it’s important for your horse...

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   RIDERS:  book a private session for yourself so that you are not throwing off your horse because your own hips are locked up from working at a desk!