Custom Coaching: Defuse PTSD One-on-One

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If you are constantly affected by triggers, unexpectedly reacting without being able to inhibit the response, chances are you are suffering from residual symptoms of post traumatic stress that wreck havoc with your life and make access to happiness extremely difficult. This can be caused by any sudden stress, shock, or major loss. Compassion for yourself is in order. Unfortunately, in our culture, we try to bypass these major invitations to a deeper initiation into living. This sad state of affairs is a loss for all of us, but for those in the midst of grief or residual trauma, society unwittingly delays individual clearing of such painful experiences by expecting people to 'just deal with it,' or by insinuating that they 'should be over it by now.' Just as we all get ill at least once in a while, every single one of us may need a little help getting over a profound loss at some point. The good news is that when you summon the courage to walk through that door with someone who has walked the path before you, it can open you up in ways you never thought possible.


Sessions are conducted over the phone or via Skype. To schedule your session, click through to view available appointments on the Schedule Appointments tab of the website.


“Never be afraid to fall apart

because it is an opportunity

to rebuild yourself

the way you wish

you had been all along.” -Rae Smith