About Your L.I.F.E. Matters, Inc.

     After over 20 years of working with muscle injuries, chronic pain and trauma, as a practitioner I have come to realize that emotional pain arises first. This is not just a matter of Vedic philosophy, but an observation made after working with hundreds of people and horses over the years.

     The longer I work with consciousness in any form, the more obvious it becomes that the more subtle the approach, the easier it is to create change. 

      In other words, if you want to live free of dysfunctional pain patterns in any arena, improve your ability to discern what is happening to you at it's inception. This is a fundamental ability that you learn with training in FELDENKRAIS®. In my work with both horses and humans this is key. For both athletic ability and creativity, the ability to notice subtle changes is a foundation of optimal performance, focus and learning. The FELDENKRAIS Method shows you how to expand your focus, how to grow, how to learn more effectively for life.

     These are the most important of my unique composite skills which offer ways to cope beyond post traumatic stress, beyond pain and grief. Resilience is actually not the end goal. It's just the beginning. It can get better and better, if you are willing to be an active participant in your own journey of learning.

       Your L.I.F.E. Matters was born out of personal experience, combined with extensive education and the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients over many, many years. It has evolved into a means to retrain the brain to awareness as a new way of being. Awareness matters across the board. The question is not are you good/bad, successful/unsuccessful, or injured/uninjured. The question is are you paying attention? Are you engaged? Only then can you be free to live in the moment. Only then are you free to really experience your life, your loved ones, your creativity...

If this resonates with you, let's get started!

Gabrielle Pullen, Head Metaphysical Explorer

Your L.I.F.E. Matters

Resources for Embodied Learning, Creativity and Focus