Infrared Heat by Thermotex - Horse & Rider Package

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                                                                          The benefits of both horse and rider being supple and  pain-free amount to one simple thing: better performance under saddle. This package includes a specially designed Thermotex Infrared Heat Pad for the Horse's neck which can also be used on the back or the croup. AND, it includes a Platinum Thermotex Infrared Heat Pad for the Rider. With three panels, you it covers the lumbar spine and sacroiliac area perfectly. It also bends so you can use it around your leg or knee if necessary. The beauty of this package is that you can use both pads on your horse to relax the topline. Simply put the Platinum pad in a pillow case to keep it clean for use at home on yourself.

  • 3 individual  3″ x 8″ elements joined together as one unit
  • Adjustible straps
  • Weight:  2 pounds
  • Size:  17″ x 15″
  • Far Infrared Technology sends heat deep into the muscles
it’s a registered medical device with both Health Canada, and the US Food and Drug Administration.

    The physiological effects upon the horse are the same with this appliance as they are with all of the other Thermotex appliances. They are:

    • Vasodilatation and increase in circulation throughout all of the heated tissues.
    • Pain relief.
    • Increased extensibility within all of the tendons and ligaments.
    • Decrease in joint stiffness.

    To achieve these desired physiological effects, the neck appliance must be applied properly and often enough to achieve the desired results. The application of infrared therapeutic heat to the neck area should be long in duration - at least 30 minutes with treatment times of 45-60 minutes even being better. This appliance is very safe and will not burn or dehydrate the animal.

    EQUINE Therapeutic Neck Thermotex Pad

    2 5" x 13" pads, 110 volts, 26 watts


    Positive Consumer Reviews

    • Customers reported it accelerates the time it took to heal their tendons & ligaments
    • Many people were impressed with how well it works for joint pain, rotator cuff impingement and frozen shoulder
    • Tennis players & golfers liked it for sprains & strains
    • People found it very helpful for their fibromyalgia & arthritis
    • Many people, who have used a regular heating pad & an infrared pad stated, the infrared pad works better for such things as, chronic back pain, chronic spondylisthesis and spinal compression fractures and cracked or broken ribs
    • has been helpful for sinus issues and breathing
    • seems to diminish wrinkles
    • used it for enlarged prostate and found it helpful


    Infrared penetrates 2-21/2 times deeper than a heating pad and there is no risk of burning the skin. However, do use a pillow case or a piece of clothing between you and the pad. For your horse, the lining of the pad is sufficient. Start on the high setting, turn down to low after 5-10 minutes. The low setting is more effective. Use for about 45-60 minutes. Use as often as you like.

    Don’t Use An Infrared Heating Pad If You Have Any Of The Following Conditions

    Please view the list below.  If you’re thinking about using an infrared pad and have any of the following health conditions, please check it out with your doctor first.

    • If  you’re pregnant, have Diabetes, hemophilia or a malignancy
    • If you have implants
    • You’re insensitive to heat (paraplegic or quadriplegic)
    • You have poor blood circulation and can’t feel heat or cold sensations.
    • Not for children under the age of 6 or without supervision under the age of 14
    • Don’t use over open wounds
    • Don’t use over acute injuries - that requires ice (first 48-72 hours)

    Proof That An Infrared Heating Pad Helps To Relieve Pain

    To view a controlled study that has been done on infrared heating pads click on the link below from the, US National Library of Medicine. It shows that Infrared Heat actually reduces pain by specifically measurable amounts which you can view by scrolling down to, “Conclusion”.

                          This infrared pad has been cleared by the FDA. 

                    Absolutely safe to use on any area of the body.