The Feldenkrais Creativity Workshop for Writers TOPIC #2 Perspective

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EVENT: Sat. Feb. 23, 2019 2:00-5:00 PM Purchase Early Bird Tickets: $15 until Feb 15. Location: 235 W. Main St., Jacksonville, OR 97530

Learn how to access a deeper place to write from while at the same time addressing aspects of the craft of writing fiction.

For novelists, short story writers, or anyone interested in jump starting their creative juices. 

As in art, so in fiction. Perspective is everything. It changes what's true. Think of the change in consciousness brought about by the Renaissance painters who discovered how to render an image in 3D. In the same way, the novel only came into pre-eminence once humanity discovered that there is, perhaps, no absolute truth. Two people can come at the same experience from different perspectives and see the same incident in entirely different ways. They then, in some situations, such as war, are willing to bank everything on their perception. In this workshop, we focus on the aspect of craft that defines the Point of View Character vs. the Agonist, be it within the personality or without…

For more on the facilitator and the Method behind this powerful means of delivering both inspiration and new habits see

Each of the four Creativity Workshops for Writers will happen around the 4th Saturday of the month: January-May (skipping April).

Topics include Process (finding yours!), Means of Perception (to reach every reader), The Narrative Process (innate in how humans are wired), and The Principle of Selectivity (what to leave in, what to leave out!) To ready yourself for these workshops in advance, read The Craft of Writing, by William Sloane.


Online Tickets: $15 -Must purchase at least 24 hours BEFORE the event.

Tickets: $30 at the door - Please text beforehand to make sure there is space in the room. Thank you in advance for your RSVP. It helps with the room reservation.