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The medium for this transformative process that allows you to access your own creativity is the FELDENKRAIS© Method, which teaches you to release your tension in readiness for the creative process of life itself! It empties the mind as it helps you rediscover the path of least resistance first literally, then figuratively. Experience your life from a deeper place. Feel better in your body than you have for many, many years as your mobility returns to agitlty levels similar to when you were a child. Reconnect with yourself, and you will find your deepest desires start to resurface, parts of you that have perhaps been stifled by the hustle and bustle of everyday living.

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    The Class Format of the Feldenkrais Method® 

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- with Gabrielle Pullen, GCFP Guild Certified Feldenkrais PractitionerCM

- Helping People (And Animals!) Rejoice in the Freedom of Mobility Since 1997

- You Have to Experience It to “Get" Just How Good You Can Feel Again!

- $15/Class/1st Two 1/2 Price - $50/Month • Register

- Location: 135 S Oregon St, Jacksonville - Enter through Jefferson Farm Kitchen

Free Classes for Those Who Qualify Your LIfe Matters specializes in providing Resources for Trauma Recovery and Resilience.

Because Gabrielle Pullen, the practitioner, has special training in working with people with PTSD of any kind as a body worker and educator, weekly ATM classes are free for specific populations. THE CLASS IS FREE: -for Veterans and their family members. -for Women within a year of exiting a DV safe house. -for long-term care-givers with a fatally ill relative at home. A commitment of one month of consistent practice is required to see substantial results after the first free trial class.

AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT® • 541 777-0124 • The Class Format of the Feldenkrais Method®